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Basel Institute on Governance

Established in 2003, the Basel Institute on Governance is an independent not-for-profit competence centre specialized in corruption prevention and public governance, corporate governance and compliance, Collective Action, anti-money laundering, criminal law enforcement and the recovery of stolen assets.

Based in Switzerland, the Basel Institute’s multidisciplinary and international team works around the world with partners in the public and private sector to counter corruption and other financial crimes, and to improve the quality of governance globally.

The Basel Institute is an Associated Institute of the University of Basel.


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Operational strategy

We have set up four specialized units:

In these four areas of work, we implement capacity building programmes and provide legal and policy advice, conduct applied research, develop practical tools and build partnerships. We adapt our services to the needs of our partner countries and clients, combining practical work with academic concepts, while consistently striving for sustainable solutions of the highest quality.

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