Senior management

Gretta Fenner
Managing Director/Director ICAR
+41 61 205 55 10
Email: gretta.fenner [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Gretta Fenner is the Managing Director of the Basel Institute on Governance, where she also holds the position of Director of the Institute’s International Centre for Asset Recovery. She has already held these positions from 2005 to 2008, during the founding years of the Institute, and has joined the Institute again in late 2011 after three years in Australia and Oxford, UK.

During these intermittent years, she primarily worked as freelance consultant advising governments, donors, international organisations and multinational corporations from around the world in governance and anti-corruption related topics as well as organisational change and development processes and policy design. Prior to joining the Basel Institute, from 2000 to 2005, Gretta worked at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris as the organisation’s manager for anti-corruption programmes in the Asia-Pacific region where she played a key role in establishing the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific.

Gretta Fenner is a political scientist by training and holds bachelor and master degrees from the Otto-Suhr-Institute at the Free University Berlin, Germany, and the Paris Institute for Political Science ("Sciences Po Paris"), France. In 2010, she further completed an MBA at the Curtin University Graduate School of Business, Australia.

Gemma Aiolfi
Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance / Collective Action
+41 61 205 56 74
Email: gemma.aiolfi [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Gemma Aiolfi has been the Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action at the Basel Institute on Governance since July 2013.

Prior to that she was Legal Counsel to the Integrity Department and the internal Office of Special Investigations at ABB AG in Oerlikon Zurich, focusing on advising on internal corruption allegations in connection with the US Deferred Prosecution Agreement. Ms. Aiolfi was Global Head of Anti-Corruption at UBS AG in Zurich, and also worked in the Group Money Laundering Prevention Unit. Whilst employed by the OECD’s Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions she was seconded to work at the University of Basel, where she helped to establish the Basel Institute on Governance and worked with the Chairman of the OECD Working Group, Prof. Mark Pieth.

Gemma has also served as an advisor to the UN Independent Inquiry Commission on the Iraq Oil for Food Program. Having studied Law at the London School of Economics she was called to the bar of England and Wales and practised in London before relocating to Switzerland. Postgraduate law studies were undertaken at Basel and Stockholm Universities.

Gemma represents the Ethics and Compliance Switzerland (ECS) NGO Stakeholder Group and co-chairs the ECS Working Group on Small and Medium Sized Organisations (SMO).

Phyllis Atkinson
Head of Training
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: phyllis.atkinson [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Phyllis has been an Advocate of the High Court in South Africa since 1981, and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. As Head of Training at the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR), she is responsible for providing technical assistance to developing and transitional countries through the design, development and delivery of interactive, practical and participant-based training workshops on anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, financial investigations and asset recovery. These workshops aim at enhancing the capacity of anti-corruption investigators, prosecutors, judiciary and other key law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting international money laundering and/or corruption cases and recovering stolen assets.

Prior to joining the ICAR on 1 June 2009, Phyllis was employed at the Deloitte Forensic & Dispute Services office in Cape Town, South Africa where she held the position of Principal.  She played a national role in the Forensic Team, driving growth in cross-border services, including anti-money laundering and anti-corruption training initiatives, amongst others.   Whilst with Deloitte, Phyllis also played the lead role in a USAID-funded project spanning 8 months involving the establishment of a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Tanzania during 2008, to investigate or report cases of suspicious or unusual financial transactions. 

Before joining Deloitte in July 2004, Phyllis held the position of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions at the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO) – also known as the Scorpions – in South Africa.  Phyllis spent 23 years as a Public Prosecutor, 5 years of which were served as an advocate in the former Office of the Attorney General (now known as the Director of Public Prosecutions) and 12 years with the Office for Serious Economic Offences (OSEO), later merged with the Scorpions.  She was the first woman to join the ranks of the professional staff in the Office of the Attorney General in 1987 after a period of 14 years without women in such positions.

Phyllis, a Certified Fraud Examiner, has been involved in numerous high profile commercial crime investigations and prosecutions over the years. Her expert knowledge of and extensive experience in the field of international mutual legal assistance has strengthened her network with foreign jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom Central Authority, the Attorney General of the Isle of Man and the Federal Department of Justice and Police, Switzerland.  She has been actively involved in training for many years, and a guest speaker at a number of conferences on a broad range of topics including anti-money laundering, mutual legal assistance, investigative methodology and interviewing skills.

Claudia Baez-Camargo
Head of Governance Research
+41 61 205 55 36
Email: claudia.baez-camargo [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Claudia holds a PhD in political science from the University of Notre Dame, USA and a graduate degree in economics from the University of Cambridge, England. Originally from Mexico, she initiated her professional career working with the Ministry for Social Development, Federal Government of Mexico. There, Claudia was involved in developing demand-driven poverty reduction programmes aimed at ensuring access to basic public services for low-income rural communities.

She is currently Head of Governance Research at the Basel Institute on Governance where she is responsible for the development, oversight and management of the Institute’s research activities in the areas of public and global governance. Claudia also works with a broad range of interested stakeholders on consultancy projects aimed at developing context sensitive strategies to prevent corruption in the public sector.

Before joining the Institute in 2009, Claudia was Assistant Professor of political science at William Paterson University, New Jersey, where she taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in comparative politics, Latin American history and research methods. To date, she continues to teach courses on corruption and development, health systems governance and has developed a special curriculum on research methods focusing on corruption studies.

Claudia is currently a member of the Fairtrade International Governance Committee, which oversees the governance of the Fairtrade system and makes recommendations for improvements in its structures and processes.

Claire Daams
Head of Legal and Case Consultancy
+41 61 205 55 14
Email: claire.daams [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Claire A. Daams joined the Basel Institute on Governance’s International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) as Head of Legal and Case Consultancy on 1 January 2016.

Prior to that she was a federal prosecutor for economic crimes in the office of the Attorney General of Switzerland. In this capacity she focused on international cases of foreign bribery, money laundering, related financial crimes and international mutual legal assistance. Ms. Daams has been a delegate to the OECD’s Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions for 17 years. In addition she has been the vice-chair of this group, member of its management group and chaired the informal meetings of law enforcement officials from 2008-2015. 

Claire teaches mutual legal assistance in criminal matters at the Law Faculty of the University of Bern and the Swiss Bar Association. 

Claire holds various law degrees from European Universities, including a Doctorate in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure form the University of Basel Switzerland. She was admitted to the Dutch Bar and practised in the Netherlands before relocating to Switzerland.

Andrea Poelling
Head of Operations
+41 61 205 55 35
Email: andrea.poelling [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Andrea Poelling is Head of Operations at the Basel Institute responsible for managing the Institute’s day-to-day business operations. She joined the Institute in 2006 with the launch of the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) where she played an instrumental role in the set up of this non-for-profit competence centre for asset recovery.

Before returning home to Basel in 2006, she spent 15 years abroad in the USA, Central-/South America and Africa. She commenced her professional career with the Washington Times (Washington DC) as international project coordinator, writing and producing special reports on countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and East Africa. Later, in 2001, she joined the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations, initially at headquarters in New York as Special Assistant to the Director/External Relations Officer of the Mine Action Service, and thereafter as Programme Officer at the Mine Action Coordination Centre in Eritrea and Ethiopia. In these positions, she was primarily involved in programme management and coordination, donor and public relations, as well as resource mobilisation. Previously - during her studies – she also conducted work for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Washington DC, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in New York and the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (Washington DC) and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (New York) with a specialisation in human rights and humanitarian affairs (international public law).

Field staff

Alan Bacarese
Senior Asset Recovery Specialist
+44 207 822 7780
Email: alan.bacarese [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Alan Bacarese is a former United Kingdom Senior Crown Prosecutor. As a qualified Barrister-at-Law he joined the Crown Prosecution Service in 1988 during which time he spent years prosecuting criminal activity ranging from fraud to murder before transferring to CPS Headquarters in London in 2001 to undertake criminal justice policy work and specialised work on human rights. In 2002 Alan joined the European and International Division of the CPS Policy Directorate, specialising in cross-boarder crime, and he assumed national policy leads in a number of international criminal justice fields including corruption. He was a member of the OECD’s Bribery Working Group, from 2002 to 2007, and was actively involved in the preparation of the UK’s response to the OECD Phase 2 Evaluation. In 2006 he was the Lead Examiner in Poland’s Phase 2 OECD Evaluation. Alan has been involved in technical assistance work, on behalf of the OECD, in the Russian Federation, working directly with the Duma in 2005, on its anti-corruption legislation and initiatives and also in Latin America. He has also worked with the Inter-American Development Bank, the EU and the Council of Europe. Alan has also worked extensively in further anti-corruption work with a number of other jurisdictions such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and the Balkans. During 2006 he played a prominent role in assisting the UN on the preparation of a Technical Guide to the UN Convention against Corruption.

In May 2007 Alan was seconded by the Crown Prosecution Service to the newly created International Centre on Asset Recovery, based in Basle Switzerland, where he continued to provide legal and practical expertise in the growing field of international asset recovery concentrating on both legal and practical assistance to developing countries on specific cases.

In August 2011 Alan returned to the UK to join Peters & Peters, a leading criminal UK law firm, as Special Counsel. Alan continues to act as a consultant to ICAR.

He is a co-author of the leading UK legal text book on ”Corruption and Misuse of Public Office” (Oxford University Press 2011).

Andrew Dornbierer
Asset Recovery Specialist
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: andrew.dornbierer [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Andrew Dornbierer is an Asset Recovery Specialist for the Basel Institute on Governance. A qualified lawyer in Australia, Andrew has worked with the Legal & Case Consultancy team  within the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) since 2012. Andrew graduated from the University of Western Australia, and holds degrees in both Law and International Relations. He has completed internships at several international NGOs, including the United Nations Crime and Justice Research Institute in Turin, Italy.

Joan D’Souza
Programme Manager
Email: joan.dsouza [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Joan D’Souza joined the Basel Institute’s programme of work in Malawi as Programme Manager, and is based full-time in Lilongwe, Malawi. In this role, Joan is responsible for overall programme coordination and administration in the field and for ensuring smooth communication between the Institute’s field staff and headquarters.

Before joining the institute, Joan was Head of Operations for the European Coalition of Positive People, an international charity managing social and health development projects in Ukraine, Russia, Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda.

Joan brings 14 years of experience of implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects in capacity building and training with emphasis on the empowerment of rural communities, including skills training for Orphans in Malawi. She has worked on joint partnership programmes with organisations such as the British Council (Ukraine), NOVIB (Russia) and UNICEF (Switzerland).  

She holds a first degree in Economics and Master’s degree in International Development Management from Westminster University London. Joan is also a Prince 2 qualified Project Manager with varied experience in project design and implementation. She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Managers (CMI) UK.

Simon Marsh
Senior Investigation Specialist
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: simon.marsh [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Simon Marsh holds a Master of Arts degree in Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security from Coventry University in which he focused on Organised Crime in Sub Saharan Africa. He spent over thirteen years as a Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police in London where he was selected in 2004 as Detective Sergeant and in 2010 for the rank of Detective Inspector. Since 2006 Simon has been specialising in asset recovery, money laundering and corruption, leading some of the most high profile, groundbreaking and successful investigations undertaken in that field.

He has worked in numerous parts of the world in recent years, conducting investigations and assisting developing countries with organised crime and grand corruption investigations. Commended for detective ability and leadership, Simon lectures on money laundering and organised crime at Coventry University and provided significant input to the recently published book 'Narcomania' by Max Daly (2012).

Shane Nainappan
Senior Asset Recovery Specialist
Email: shane.nainappan [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Shane joins us from the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having served as a Prosecutor for 15 years. He began his legal career upon his admission as a Barrister in England and Wales in 1994. Shortly thereafter, he gained admission as an Advocate and Solicitor in 1995 to the High Court of Malaya and in July 1999 he was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors of England and Wales.

He developed his civil litigation expertise specialising in commercial and banking litigation both in the UK and Malaysia prior to joining the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in 2001 as a Senior Crown Prosecutor. Being one of the few Prosecutors with a civil litigation background in the specialist national Central Confiscation Branch, Shane drew upon his experience to develop and enhance the role of Restraint and Confiscation Specialists within the CPS. Shane’s key areas of expertise is in Financial Crime, Restraint, Confiscation and Mutual Legal Cooperation having been responsible for advising, securing and preserving assets in complex UK and international cases as well as providing advice to foreign jurisdictions seeking restraint and legal assistance.

In January 2011, Shane was appointed as the first UK Liaison Prosecutor to the United Arab Emirates. During his time (2011-15) as the Liaison Prosecutor, Shane secured a series of firsts in relation to Extraditions between the UK/UAE, restraint of criminal assets and the repatriation of criminal proceeds held in the UAE. Upon his return to the UK in 2015, Shane was appointed as the Head of the Civil Recovery Unit at the CPS and since April 2016 he has been appointed as the first (UK) CPS Gulf Criminal Justice Advisor with responsibility for CPS Gulf Strategy and coordination across UK Law Enforcement. In the recent months, his portfolio and responsibilities extended to manage CPS engagements in Baghdad, South Africa, Jamaica, Eastern Caribbean, Washington, Paris, Rome, Madrid and a roving European Asset Recovery role.  

Shane is an accredited CPS Proceeds of Crime Trainer and has supported developmental programmes run by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Central Asia and the Far East since 2005. More recently he has participated in the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR) since 2012 and presented a paper at the G7 Meeting at AFAR III in Geneva on methods of Developing Asset Recovery Strategies.

In recognition of his work with the CPS, his time in the UAE and wider contributions to law and order representing the UK, in particular in relation to international cooperation, Shane was recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and accordingly he was awarded the Member the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s Honours Lists of June 2015.

Oscar Solorzano
Senior Asset Recovery Specialist / Country Manager Peru
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: oscar.solorzano [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Oscar Solorzano is a lawyer by training and an Asset Recovery Specialist within the Legal and Case Consultancy division of the Basel Institute’s International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) which he joined in 2012. In his current position Oscar primarily works on corruption cases involving Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in the South American region. He assists requesting countries in developing and executing strategies supporting enterprise-wide operations including working with judicial, prosecutorial and law enforcement authorities on tracing illicit assets laundered to foreign jurisdictions, first and foremost in terms of seizing and confiscating such proceeds of crime; in particular he gives advice on the application of non-conviction based forfeiture (NCBF) laws as strategies for the international recovery of assets. He also provides legal advice to requesting States pertaining to Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters and regularly represents the Basel Institute as speaker at international seminars and conferences on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, international co-operation and Asset Recovery.

Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Oscar was working as a research fellow and as a teaching staff for a course on economic criminal law at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. While working in Geneva, he was involved in several publications and research projects concerning the corruption of public officials, Asset Recovery, Money Laundering, confiscation and Corporate Liability of legal entities. This exposure led him to subsequently undertake a doctoral thesis in 2009 entitled “The international asset recovery of illicit assets of high-ranking public officials” at the University of Geneva.

He holds a BA in Political Science and Law from the National University of Trujillo (Peru) and a law degree from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He also earned a Master of Law in International Relations from the University of Fribourg. He is currently finalizing his doctoral thesis.

Nick Staite
Senior Asset Recovery Specialist
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: nick.staite [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Nick Staite read Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford and trained as a Solicitor in London. After practising for a few years in medical negligence and personal injury law, he moved to a firm in rural Oxfordshire and dealt with all types of litigation, developing an inclination towards advocacy.

Thereafter he soon began a long career in public prosecution, joining the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) at its inception and leaving it 28 years later. After performing the role of Branch Crown Prosecutor (lawyer/manager) for 12 years, he qualified as Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts - Criminal) and resumed as full-time lawyer leading a Special Casework Unit before taking a post in the Complex Casework Unit for the East of England.

Nick has a wealth of experience in advising the police before and after charge in large-scale investigations, then managing the prosecution of them in the Crown Court. He handled serious homicides, drug trafficking, frauds, money laundering, conspiracies and people smuggling. Many of his cases involved, at home and abroad, urgent restraint of assets, pre-charge; and confiscation of assets after conviction.

As a CPS trainer, Nick delivered vocational and practical training to colleagues and police on Homicide, Fraud, Hi-Tech Crime, Mutual Legal Assistance and the statutory provisions for the Disclosure of Unused Material. He also mentored aspiring Crown Court advocates and provided advice and guidance on covert policing techniques, the use in evidence of call data from Communication Service Providers and the management of complex, multi-faceted, multi-jurisdiction cases.

Hannes van Vuren
Senior Financial Investigator
Email: hannes.vanvuren [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

For the last 2 years, Hannes had been assisting on the UNODC ARINSA Programme (Asset Recovery Inter Agency Southern Africa) within Malawi and Tanzania to build capacity on financial investigations and the informal cross border sharing of financial intelligence related to proceeds of crime.

He served in the South African Police Service for 15 years working as a detective with specialised investigative units including the Child Protection and the Organised Crime Investigation Unit. He was part of team that spearheaded financial investigations on organised crimes syndicates for the first time in South Africa on a full-time basis which also included (financial intelligence driven) investigations of organised crime syndicates operating local and cross border. He was seconded to the Asset Forfeiture Task Team in Cape Town for 4 years before taking up a position in the private sector with a renowned Forensic Audit company.

As an independent consultant since 2008, Hannes had been involved in several Africa countries on a wide variety of development and investigation projects including the DFID sponsored J4A Programme, devolving and presenting five different levels of 2 week anti-corruption courses for the Nigerian Anti-Corruption Academy in Abuja for 2 years, before being invited to become a country mentor with the UNODC ARINSA program.

Hannes obtained his B-Tech degree in Forensic Investigations, National Diploma in Policing, Certificate Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crimes Investigation (Cum Laude), through the University of South Africa (UNISA) and Diploma in Criminal Justice & Forensic Auditing and Certificate in Money Laundering Control (Cum Laude) with the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He is currently working towards an MA in Criminal Justice with UNISA.

He assisted in the 2015 publication on Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows with Charles Goradema.


Tom Lasich
Senior Asset Recovery Consultant
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: tom.lasich [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

As Head of Training for the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) from 2007 to 2010, Tom was responsible for the design, creation and management of the technical training programmes that are delivered by ICAR in countries on all the major continents including Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. He now works as an Asset Recovery Consultant for the ICAR and continues to be actively involved in the development and implementation of such specialised training services.

Tom, a graduate of the University of Santa Clara (California) with a degree in Finance, has worked in federal law enforcement conducting financial investigations and presented money laundering training programmes for a combined 42 years.  He began his career as a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Criminal Investigation, in 1972 and worked 20 years as a special agent and manager. In 1991 he accepted a position at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) as the Assistant Chief of the Financial Fraud Institute. Two years later he moved to Washington DC as a special agent with the Office of the Inspector General, Resolution Trust Corporation, a newly formed government agency created to investigate the failed savings and loan industry. In 1996 Tom returned to the IRS, Criminal Investigation, as a special agent in the international division. He conducted money laundering and financial investigations throughout the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Following his retirement in 1998 from Federal employment, Tom became a Programme Coordinator with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Computer and Financial Investigations Division.  As the project manager for all High Intensity Financial Crime Areas (HIFCA) training relating to money laundering and asset forfeiture he designed and coordinated training programmes throughout the United States.

Tom is currently an adjunct professor at the George Washington University Law School in Washington DC and works as a consultant on various international projects for the World Bank and other organizations.

Rudolf Wyss
Senior Asset Recovery Consultant
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: rudolf.wyss [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Rudolf Wyss is a lawyer by training and is admitted to the Bar in Switzerland. He has 35 years of experience in Swiss Federal law enforcement, having served with the Federal Office for Police in matters of International Police Cooperation, and later investigated cases of illegal dealing in drugs, arms and money forgery at the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office.

Before joining the International Centre for Asset Recovery, Rudolf was Head of Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) and Extradition in Switzerland and Deputy Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Justice (Federal Ministry of Justice and Police), where he worked from 1996 to his retirement from federal service at the end of 2011. During that time he had the lead responsibility for several historic asset recovery cases, most notably the Marcos case and the Abacha case. Rudolf has also played a key role in the revisions of the Swiss MLA-legislation. He comes with vast and demonstrated experience in negotiating MLA-treaties.

Furthermore, Rudolf has published widely on topics pertaining to international mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

He advises foreign jurisdictions on asset recovery cases with a particular focus on countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, as well as on asset recovery cases in the context of the International Criminal Court.

He has been working as Senior Asset Recovery Consultant for ICAR since early 2012.

Research Associates

Nikos Passas
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: nikos.passas [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Nikos Passas is Visiting Professor at the Basel Institute on Governance since October 2016. He is also Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, and co-Director of the Institute for Security and Public Policy; Distinguished Practitioner in Financial Integrity and Senior Fellow of the Financial Integrity Institute at Case Western Reserve Law School; Head of UN Sanctions Implementation Legal Review Services at Compliance Capacity and Skills International (CCSI) and Chair of the Academic Council of the Anti-Corruption Academy in India. Nikos is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Crime, Law and Social Change. He has served as Corruption Program Director at the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association (ECOA) and Distinguished Inaugural Professor at the International Anti-Corruption Academy.

Nikos specializes in the study of corruption, illicit financial/trade flows, sanctions, informal fund transfers, terrorism, white-collar crime, financial regulation, organized crime and international crimes. He has published more than 210 articles, book chapters, reports and books in 14 languages, including the Legislative Guides to the UNCAC and the UNTOC. His work with UNODC includes the initial production of the legal library of UNCAC-related national texts and the design of the UNCAC review mechanism checklist.

He regularly serves as expert witness and consults with law firms, financial institutions, consulting companies and various organizations, such as OECD, OSCE, the IMF, the World Bank, multilateral and bilateral institutions, the United Nations, the European Union, the Caribbean FATF, FinCEN, research institutions and government agencies in all continents.

Nikos is a lawyer and social scientist with degrees from the Univ. of Athens (LL.B.), the University of Paris-II (D.E.A.) and the University of Edinburgh Faculty of Law (Ph.D.). He is a member of the Athens Bar (Greece).


Mirna Adjami
Project Manager Anti-Corruption Collective Action
Email: mirna.adjami [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Mirna Adjamijoined the Basel Institute on Governance in February 2017 as a Project Manager for Anti-Corruption Collective Action, bringing over 15 years’ experience as an international human rights lawyer with a broad range of thematic expertise.  

Previously, Mirna served as a Senior Advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Head of Office for the International Center for Transitional Justice in Kinshasa, DR Congo, a Legal Officer with the Open Society Justice Initiative, and a Staff Attorney with the National Immigrant Justice Center.

Mirna received a J.D. from Harvard Law School, a B.A. from Brown University, and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Geneva School of Economics and Management.  She is a Member of the New York Bar. 

Pedro Gomes Pereira
Senior Asset Recovery Specialist
+41 61 205 55 37
Email: pedro.pereira [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Pedro is a lawyer and a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. While attending law school, Pedro joined the Brazilian central authority for mutual legal assistance, where he assisted authorities worldwide in coordinating their international strategies and obtaining evidence in order to effectively combat organized crime, money laundering and corruption cases.

Upon completion of his graduation studies in law, Pedro directed his professional activities to asset recovery supporting local and foreign authorities in sensitive cases involving high-ranking government officials and private entrepreneurs. He also developed and executed strategies on tracing and seizing proceeds of crime during these cases. Before joining ICAR, Pedro was the Acting General Coordinator for Mutual Legal Assistance and Asset Recovery within the Ministry of Justice of Brazil.

Pedro participated in the Brazilian national strategy on combating corruption and money laundering, a governmental forum in which he shared his experiences with other agencies of the Brazilian Government in order to establish effective mechanisms to prevent and combat money laundering and corruption. He also participated in several working groups and workshops on mutual legal assistance, asset recovery and combating the financing of terrorism held by Mercosur, the Organization of American States and the United Nations.

In 2008, Pedro concluded a Postgraduate Degree in Constitutional Law.

Pedro joined the ICAR in June 2009 as an Asset Recovery Specialist.

Peter Huppertz
Senior E-learning & Web Specialist
+41 61 205 55 18
Email: peter.huppertz [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Peter Huppertz graduated from the University of Applied Science, Mittweida with a Diploma in Media Technology (2003). Working at the University of Education in Freiburg he took part in the post graduate course Educational Media provided by the University Duisburg-Essen and finished with a Master of Arts in Educational Media.

Prior to joining the ICAR Peter was working as a Research Assistant at the University of Education in Freiburg.  There he conducted training courses on creating and using media in educational scenarios, developed software environments to support learning and worked on a research project involving the use of interactive video for teacher trainings. During his studies Peter worked for several IT companies, advertising agencies and movie post production companies.

At the ICAR Peter is responsible for designing and developing e-learning solutions to enhance ICAR’s asset recovery training and assistance programs. He works in close cooperation with training experts and governance advisors to meet the learning needs and challenges for a variety of audiences ranging from developing country law enforcement officials to corporate compliance departments and knowledge management authorities.  Peter has also been developing the user interface for the website of the ICAR’s Knowledge Centre on Asset Recovery as well as e-learning modules for the asset recovery training and assistance programs. Furthermore he created the necessary infrastructure required to operate and manage the institute’s websites. More recently, Peter has also been responsible for developing the Asset Recovery Experts Network, a web-based social network for participants of the ICAR’s trainings.

Saba Kassa
Associate Researcher
Email: saba.kassa [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Saba Kassa joined the Basel Institute in February 2016 as a research/project support intern with the Public Governance Division. She supports the Division in the development and implementation of its various research and technical support projects.

Prior to joining the Institute, Saba worked for several international organisations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, including the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa; the German Ministry for International Cooperation and the International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

Saba holds a master’s degree in International Development Studies, as well as in Public Administration from the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University of Rotterdam respectively. Furthermore, she is a non-resident PhD candidate in International Development Studies with the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. Her research focuses on the role of governance assessments for the promotion of democracy in Africa. 

Selvan Lehmann
AML/CFT Specialist & Project Manager Basel AML Index
+41 61 205 55 34
Email: selvan.lehmann [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Selvan Lehmann joined the Basel Institute in 2011. He is an AML/CFT Specialist and in this role also acts as Project Manager for the Basel AML Index. Selvan’s primary responsibility is to manage the Basel AML Index and to assist ICAR on various technical anti-money laundering and asset recovery projects. He regularly also provides technical and research support to the Basel Institute's Corporate Governance & Compliance division including, for example, conducting analysis and reviews of best practices in relation to Codes of Conducts and their application for central banks. 

Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Selvan conducted work for the United States House of Representatives as well as the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AIGCS), a policy think tank focusing on the transatlantic relationship between Germany/Europe and the U.S.

Selvan holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Bremen and a Master of Science in Global Crime, Justice and Secuirty from the University of Edinburgh, the latter which was jointly offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Law. Selvan focused his post-graduate studies on organised crime and international criminal law. His Master thesis on “Policy Transfer and the Analysis of the United States Role in Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering” dealt with international anti-corruption and anti-money laundering measures including efforts by the EU and Council of Europe. 

Bruno Michel
Finance Officer
+41 61 205 55 32
Email: bruno.michel [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Bruno Michel, a Swiss citizen, with residency in Saint Louis, France, where he lives with his wife and two daughters, joined the Basel Institute on Governance in July 2016 as Finance Officer. In this function, Bruno is responsible for the Basel Institute’s financial administration, including managing the accounts receivables and payables and all other matters related directly to the Institute’s bookkeeping. He is in charge of the Institute’s annual financial reporting obligations (SWISS GAP FEER 21), supports the Institute’s budgeting process, and regularly prepares project-specific financial and audit reports for larger and more complex operational programmes of work of the Institute and manages the Institute’s liquidity planning.

Bruno comes with more than 25 years of experience in finance, controlling and accounting, working for a number of local and international companies in Basel, Zürich and Lausanne. Most recently and prior to joining the Basel Institute, Bruno was engaged as finance manager for a company responsible for organising international conferences (Congrex Schweiz AG).

Bruno has a higher business diploma degree from the “Institut für Kaderschulung” of Basel (1991) as well as a business degree from the Baden cantonal commercial college “Limania” (1977).

Christian Müller
IT Supporter
+ 41 61 205 56 72
Email: christian.mueller [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Christian Mueller joined the Basel Institute in October 2014 as part-time IT Supporter within the Resources and Operational Support division. He is responsible for the Institute’s overall ICT infrastructure and administration.

Prior to joining the Institute, Christian worked in the ICT support business, including project management, for a number of companies in Switzerland, most recently for Manor AG in Basel.

Christian is currently also part-time enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland where he is studying biomedical computing and information technology. 

Federico Paesano
Senior Financial Investigation Specialist
+41 61 205 56 71
Email: federico.paesano [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Federico Paesano graduated from the Military Academy of the Guardia di Finanza in L’Aquila (Italy) and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Università degli studi del Molise (Italy). For fourteen years, he worked for the Italian Financial Police, ending his career as Chief Investigator, leading and conducting judicial and financial investigations, focusing in particular on economic crimes such as corruption and money laundering.

Since July 2009, he was seconded by the Italian Government to the European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL) as Mentor to the Minister of Interior on Anticorruption: as part of a group of experts, he provided technical advice on transparency and accountability measures to the Minister of Interior as well as advice on the development of national and sector policies, collaborating closely with the AGO, the High Office of Oversight, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan and other external partners. 

Federico joined the International Centre for Asset Recovery as Senior Financial Investigations Specialist in 2010, delivering technical training programmes on financial investigations and asset recovery in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Stephen Ratcliffe
Senior Investigation Specialist
+41 61 205 55 16
Email: stephen.ratcliffe [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Steve is a Senior Investigation Specialist within ICAR having joined the Institute in August 2015. Most recently he has been working for the Royal Cayman Islands Police and was in charge of their financial crime and intelligence departments. He co-chaired the group, which wrote the money-laundering risk assessment in advance of the FATF inspection due in 2017.

Prior to this he was a police officer in the UK’s Metropolitan Police for 31 years where most recently he was a senior officer within the serious and organized crime division between 2007-2014. His work specialized in targeting nationally and internationally significant criminals who had amassed sizeable criminal assets and therefore required a detailed, complex and sustained investigative response.

After the terrorist attacks of September 2001 he was responsible for creating the National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU) based in Scotland Yard. This multi-agency and multi-disciplinary body was responsible for the investigation of terrorist financing; the creation of training courses and their delivery nationally and internationally and the mainstreaming of financial investigation into pro-active terrorist investigations.

Steve holds a Master of Studies degree from the University of Cambridge in Applied Criminology and Management.

Thierry Ravalomanda
Senior Asset Recovery Specialist
+41 61 205 56 71
Email: thierry.ravalomanda [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Thierry, a judicial officer from Madagascar, joined the Training Division of the Basel Institute’s International Centre of Asset Recovery (ICAR) in 2015. He is responsible for developing and delivering technical training programs in financial investigations and asset recovery for developing and transition countries.

He obtained his Masters in Law from the French University of Reunion Island and was afterwards admitted to the Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature et des Greffes in Antananarivo, Madagascar where he obtained his diploma of aptitude for the profession of magistrate, qualifying him to be a judge or a prosecutor.

He was first appointed as a deputy public prosecutor in the First Instance Court of Antananarivo and specialized in anti-corruption by joining the newly formed Anti Corruption Judiciary Unit. He was in charge of the investigation and prosecution of high scale corruption cases and other economic and financial crimes and attended various relevant training courses offered by different international institutions.

After 5 years working as a prosecutor, Thierry was appointed as the head of the legal department of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Madagascar. Leading a team of analysts and intelligence officers, he conducted the gathering of information and intelligence analysis to unveil possible money laundering and terrorist financing activities and wrote intelligence reports that were sent to the public prosecutor for further investigation. He was personally in charge of the analysis of complex and sensitive cases. Part of his assignment was to provide training and technical assistance to AML/CFT national stakeholders especially to key law enforcement agencies and judicial officers and contributed largely to the writing of a handbook on anti-money laundering for prosecutors and judges. He was also in charge of international co-operation working closely with the judiciary and law enforcement agencies of partner countries.

Thierry is currently a Madagascar governmental expert for the UNCAC Review Mechanism.

Nina Schild
Events & Publication Coordinator
+41 61 205 55 13
Email: nina.schild [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Nina Schild joined the Basel Institute as project assistant in 2006 with the launch of the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) supporting the start-up team in setting up this not-for-profit competence in asset recovery. In 2008 Nina assumed the role of Publication & Events Coordinator at the Basel Institute. In this function, she is responsible for the coordination and organisation of the Institute’s various publication projects and events, including expert workshops and larger international conferences.

Previously she worked at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel where she conducted research and implemented projects on drug development and health systems.

Nina holds a Master in Biology form the University of Basel, and today also works part-time as bodywork therapist (Rolfing® Structural Integration).

Cosimo Stahl
Public Governance Specialist
+41 61 205 56 75
Email: cosimo.stahl [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Cosimo Stahl joined the Basel Institute in summer 2015 as a research and project support intern and later assumed the role of Public Governance Specialist.

In this capacity, Cosimo helps deliver the Public Governance Division’s training in corruption-specific research methods and provides technical assistance in the implementation of consultancy projects aimed at developing context-sensitive anti-corruption strategies in the public sector. He is also actively involved in the Institute’s on-going research projects where he assists in producing tailored and contextualised research designs and develops software-assisted practical, technical and analytical solutions to supplement and enhance the Institute’s research approaches.

Prior to joining the Institute, Cosimo worked as a researcher investigating lobbying efforts and environmental corruption in Central Eastern Europe and conducted topically varied research for several public organisations, including Al-Khoei Foundation UK (London) and the Czech Institute of International Relations (Prague).

Cosimo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and History from the University of Zurich, and an International Master (IMESS) in Politics and Security Studies from University College London (UCL) and Charles University in Prague. While working at the Institute, he is pursuing a PhD in Politics and East European Studies at UCL where he analyses the politicisation of corruption in ‘transitional’ EU member states from a theoretical and comparative perspective. Cosimo’s research interests lie in cultures of corruption, political corruption and the nexus between democratic representation, public accountability and ‘good’ governance.

Before commencing his studies, Cosimo lived in Argentina for several years where he worked as a youth and community worker in the Northern Buenos Aires conurbation.

Hoa Truong
Web/E-learning Designer
Email: hoa.truong [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Hoa Truong joined the Basel Institute in November 2014 as Web/e-learning Designer. She is in charge of developing and administering the Institute’s various online information platforms and websites as well as supporting the expansion of the Institute’s e-learning products and other online learning tools in support of the Institute’s capacity building and training activities.

Most recently, prior to joining the Institute, Hoa was living in San Francisco (USA) where she was working as a mental health counsellor and community educator for Richmond Area Multi-Services Inc. (RAMS). And prior to moving to San Francisco, Hoa was living and working in her home country Vietnam, conducting work for Prudential plc. as a legal and PR publishing coordinator and subsequently as a motivational trainer. 

Hoa holds a Bachelor degree in Administration Law from the University of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and a Master degree in Adult Education from San Francisco University (USA).

Scarlet Wannenwetsch
Project Associate Anti-Corruption Collective Action
+41 61 205 55 17
Email: scarlet.wannenwetsch [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Scarlet Wannenwetsch joined the Basel Institute in February 2017 as a Project Associate at the International Centre for Collective Action. Her focus at the ICCA is supporting the development and further implementation of the Siemens Integrity Project.

Prior to joining the Institute, Scarlet gained experience at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Germany) and as a legal advisor to an international start-up.

Scarlet holds a Law degree (LLB) from Kings College London as well as a Masters (LLM) from the Free University of Berlin focusing on Public International Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. 

Alexandra Weber
Communications Officer
+41 61 205 55 30
Email: [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Alexandra joined our team in September 2016 as Communications Officer. In this function, Alexandra assumes primary responsibility for the Basel Institute’s communications, both external and internal, and for collaborating on outreach and public relation activities to promote the programme of work of the Basel Institute.

Before taking on the post at the Basel Institute, she worked for more than 10 years as a Communications  & PR Specialist at the University of Basel. Her latest assignment was the setup and management of the Communications & PR Office within the Department of History. Prior to this, she held a staff position as PR Manager at the Biozentrum, which is an interdisciplinary institute for basic molecular and biomedical research, and one of the largest operational departments within the University of Basel’s Faculty of Science.

Alexandra commenced her professional career with the European cultural media channel ARTE in Strasbourg where she obtained her initial professional training in PR and communications.  Thereafter she worked in London for the international design company Vitra, and later on for Vitra’s headquarters in Switzerland, as PR Manager and Online Editor. After having spent several years abroad in Madrid and Strasbourg with her family, she returned to Basel where she started to work for the University in 2005.

Alexandra holds a Master of Arts degree in Art History and Social Anthropology from the University of Basel. She recently obtained two certificates of advanced studies, one in the Performance and Communication of NPOs from the University of Basel, and the other in Online Marketing Communications from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW.

Matthias Wilde
Administration/Project Support
+41 61 205 55 33
Email: matthias.wilde [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Matthias Wilde joined the Basel Institute in October 2007 as a member of the Resources and Operational Support division. He is responsible for administrative and daily operating functions of the Institute, including the Institute's office infrastructure, to support the effective implementation of the Institute's various projects and services abroad and in Switzerland, as well as for occasional special projects, such as internal and external networking and other events of the Institute.

Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Matthias worked for the Swiss National Radio as music journalist, editor and producer. Previously he was also regularly involved in marketing television and radio shows, as well as promoting and organising concerts and other cultural events.

Matthias holds a degree in economics and business administration.

On the side, Matthias avidly continues to pursue his passion for music. He has his own band, "Wilde", where he records, produces and performs his own songs (

Lejla Zvizdic
Asset Recovery Specialist
+41 61 205 55 11
Email: lejla.zvizdic [at] baselgovernance [dot] org
Curriculum vitae

Lejla Zvizdic is an Asset Recovery Specialist at the Basel Institute. In this capacity she conducts research on topics relevant to the work of the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) and assists with case work.  At times she also assists on projects of the Institute’s other divisions. Prior to joining the Institute, Lejla worked as a consultant in Jerusalem (Israel) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on issues related to humanitarian law and human rights law.

Lejla is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and today lives in Switzerland together with her family. She holds a Bachelor in Foreign Service from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (Washington DC, USA) and a graduate degree in Law (JD) from Creighton University School of Law (Omaha, Nebraska, USA). She is a member of the New York State Bar Association.