Basel AML Index Expert Edition

The Basel AML Index Expert Edition is a comprehensive and interactive risk assessment tool that helps users to evaluate the risk of corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in any country in the world. It covers ML/TF risk, corruption risk, financial transparency and standards, public transparency and accountability, and political/legal risk.

The tool and data are used worldwide by financial institutions, researchers, policymakers, compliance officers and other stakeholders to fulfil regulatory and compliance requirements.

It can be used as a standalone risk evaluation solution or as an independent benchmarking tool to validate in-house risk assessments.

The Expert Edition Plus option also contains a detailed numerical comparative analysis of the FATF Mutual Evaluation Reports. This allows users to assess each FATF recommendation individually by focusing on specific compliance needs, for example, due diligence or terrorist financing regulations.

A demo account provides partial access to the Expert Edition with a sample of countries to test all the functions.

Why use the Basel AML Index Expert Edition?

Major financial institutions and companies around the world consider the Basel AML Index Expert Edition an essential tool for AML and anti-corruption country risk assessment.

Compliance officers and policymakers who wish to better understand a country’s risk rating for AML/CFT may consult the specific indicators used in the Index. These provide a score more relevant to a specific risk assessment, such as for different client segments.

Current subscribers include multinational companies such as Allianz, Santander and ING Bank. Financial authorities and public institutions that use the Expert Edition for an independent AML/CFT country risk rating include the UK HM Treasury, the US Department of Treasury, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Dubai Financial Services Authority and the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank.

The Basel AML Index is also increasingly used as a data source for other indices. For example, the Wolfsberg Group highlights it as one of the indices to be considered for country risk factors. The Economist Intelligence Unit uses the numerical FATF data and analysis available in the Expert Edition Plus as a data source for the new Global Illicit Trade Environment Index.


Countries covered
Updated annually
Regular updates
14 sub-indicators and sanctions list
Downloadable data set
Complete FATF data set, including small jurisdictions
Expert Edition*
CHF 2,000
Expert Edition Plus*
CHF 4,000

* Free for public/supervisory institutions, international organisations, non-profit organisations and academic institutions.

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