Basel Open Intelligence

Basel Open Intelligence is a powerful search tool for identifying links between individuals, companies and criminal activities.
With a single click, it runs multilingual, open-source searches for names in combination with 270 keywords. If there is public information or negative media about a person or company’s links to financial crime, law enforcement and judicial actions, Basel Open Intelligence will help you find it.

Peter Huppertz

Team Leader IT and eLearning
+41 61 205 55 18

Key features

  • Instant, automated search – no more manual online searches.
  • Pre-programmed with 270 relevant keywords in multiple languages.
  • Keywords can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Uses open-source information, avoiding confidentiality issues.
  • Clear overview of results, with highlights and excerpts for efficient analysis.
  • Uses a cluster of servers for searching and downloading documents, so searches can’t be traced to your organisation.

Why use Basel Open Intelligence for financial investigations?

Financial Intelligence Units, anti-corruption agencies, police, prosecutors and investigative journalists worldwide use Basel Open Intelligence to help their investigative efforts. It is useful at all stages of an investigation:

  • Identify priority areas at the start of an investigation.
  • Speed up systematic intelligence gathering on suspect individuals and organisations.
  • Build more comprehensive profiles of suspects, locations, corporate links and networks.
  • Broaden investigations to other members of a suspect’s network.
  • Automatically generate custom reports.
  • Present information in a clear format that supports the creation of evidence for prosecution.

Basel Open Intelligence also improves security and anonymity by automatically downloading search results to a central server for offline analysis and storage. This ensures the information is processed securely – not on personal computers or using your internet connection.

Pricing per year

Extra searches
Eligible institutions*
available upon request
Package 2000
CHF 6'000
3 CHF/search
Package 5000
CHF 12'500
2.5 CHF/search
Package 10000
CHF 20'000
2 CHF/search

* Basel Open Intelligence is free for public organisations in countries eligible to receive development aid.

Try Basel Open Intelligence for free

Basel Open Intelligence is available free of charge to public institutions in countries eligible to receive official development assistance. It is reasonably priced for other organisations and companies.
To find out more and try a demo account, please contact us via the form below.