Telecommunications Auctions Integrity Pacts

In 2002, the Latin American Corporation for Development (LCD) - the then-recognised chapter of Transparency International - signed a Cooperation Agreement to serve as civil society monitor to oversee the Integrity Pact applied between two state telecommunications bodies and bidders for the auction of bands and sub-bands of telecommunications channel.

The tender was challenged, but ultimately ruled to be fair, with the LCD writing an independent report that improved transparency regarding the auction procedure. The application of the IP in the mobile telecoms industry was later viewed as opening up the market to increased competition and a subsequent drop in mobile telecoms prices by 25%.

Additional information

  • Procurement authority: National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL) and National Secretariat of Telecommunications (NST)
  • Monitor: Latin American Corporation for Development
  • Language: Spanish
  • Start year: 2002
  • End year: 2002
  • Tender value: USD 35 million
Latin American Corporation for Development

Last updated: 14.05.2020

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