Transforming Principles of Integrity and Transparency into Practice in Emerging Markets

During the three-year project, IBLF will seek to bring to Russia and China the best international practices in corporate approaches to compliance, raise knowledge and consciousness of the costs of corruption and the benefits of combating it, and bring innovative management tools and techniques to multinational and local companies.

The project, which will be managed in Russia by IBLF’s branch office in Moscow, and by partners at Renmin University in Beijing, will include a range of activities including workshops and round-tables allowing corporate executives to exchange experience and best practices, meetings for the countries’ top business leaders, and the development of collective approaches by companies to combat corruption in specific industries.

In China, surveys and studies into the business case for integrity will be conducted, while in Russia, leading business and law schools will be provided with educational material.

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International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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