Basel Open Intelligence

Basel Open Intelligence is a targeted open-source search tool. It helps compliance officers and investigators to spot and analyse potential links between individuals, companies and criminal activities.

  • Runs one-click, multilingual searches on individuals and organisations.
  • Searches 200+ keywords on financial and other crimes or custom keyword lists.
  • Collates and filters open-source information from media, blogs, PEP databases and sanction lists.
  • Displays highlights and excerpts for fast analysis.
  • Extracts entities and identifies connections between persons, organisations, professional positions and locations.
  • Generates custom reports.

Peter Huppertz

Team Leader IT and eLearning
+41 61 205 55 18

Why use Basel Open Intelligence?

For compliance and due diligence

Compliance officers, accountants and lawyers consider Basel Open Intelligence an essential tool for third-party due diligence, risk assessment, employee screening, KYC and other compliance reasons.

  • Gather information more quickly, easily and effectively thanks to one-click searches.
  • Quickly spot whether a person or company represents a risk to your organisation.
  • Complete simple due diligence checks in a couple of clicks.
  • Enhance your third-party due diligence, carrying out more thorough information research without adding to your workload.
  • Build detailed profiles of a person or company to identify potential risks.
  • Cover your bases with a comprehensive search of publicly available information in several languages.
  • Generate and print custom reports according to your company's needs.
  • Searches are processed and stored securely on a central server – not on personal computers.

For investigation

Financial Intelligence Units, anti-corruption agencies, police, prosecutors and investigative journalists worldwide use Basel Open Intelligence to help their investigative efforts.

  • Identify priority areas at the start of an investigation.
  • Speed up systematic intelligence gathering on suspect individuals and organisations.
  • Build more comprehensive profiles of suspects, locations, corporate links and networks.
  • Broaden investigations to other members of a suspect’s network.
  • Automatically generate custom reports.
  • Present information in a clear format that supports the creation of evidence for prosecution.
  • Searches are processed and stored securely on a central server for greater anonymity and offline access, even if results later disappear from the internet.


How to use




Package 500
Private companies
CHF 1000/year
Public organisations/NGOs
CHF 500/year
500 searches/year
Unlimited accounts
Package 2000
Private companies
CHF 3600/year
Public organisations/NGOs
CHF 1800/year
2000 searches/year
Unlimited accounts
Package 5000
Private companies
CHF 8400/year
Public organisations/NGOs
CHF 4200/year
5000 searches/year
Unlimited accounts

We offer 2000 searches/year free for public organisations in countries eligible to receive development aid.

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