Basel Open Intelligence

Basel Open Intelligence is a new due diligence search tool that allows users to obtain information quickly and efficiently using combinations of over 270 keywords on individuals or entities and in multiple languages: All with one click! 

The key words encompass financial and other crimes, law enforcement and judicial decisions. Matching sources are downloaded so records are automatically generated. People, entities, locations, professional positions and keywords found in combination with the individual or company are clearly visible for further in depth searching if that’s required.

Using generic search engines to find suspicious/illegal activites or compliance issues regarding an individual or company is tedious

Internet search engines like Google or Bing are great tools to search for open-source information on individuals or companies. However, they are generic and the amount of information found is often quiet overwhelming and irrelevant if you specifically look for suspicious/illegal activities or compliance issues of a subject.

Using advanced search operators you can tailor your search to certain activitities of the individuum or company. E.g. advanced search would allow you to enter terms like "John Smith" AND corruption OR bribery. However, it is possible that your subject is not involved in corruption or bribery but in a fraud or embezzlement case. Furthermore, if your subject lives in a foreign country and the case is only covered by open-source media in a foreign language you might need to add translations of the keywords to your search. E.g., "John Smith" AND Korruption OR Bestechung.

Once you obtained results you will need to visit the pages found and check for the relevance of the source. You might need to use the page search to find the keywords you were searching for on the website.

All in all a thorough Internet research requires a lot of effort and risks that you may miss or overlook relevant sources.

Basel Open Intelligence (BOI) makes open-source research more effective and efficient

BOI utilises a list of over 270 keywords including illegal activities, judicial proceedings and law enforcement actions to find open-source information relevant for intelligence and law enforcement agencies as well as for company's compliance and investigation departments. Furthermore, the list of keywords can be tailored to the needs of the user.
The list of keywords used to search for information is available in multiple languages. This allows the investigator to find information regarding the entity in foreign information sources.
Using latest natural language recoginition technology BOI detects and extracts individiuals, companies/organisations, locations and professional positions as well as keywords mentioned in combination with the entity.
BOI shows relevant excerpts and highlights selected individiuals, companies/organisations, locations, professional positions and the keywords in the source documents found. This allows investigators to more efficiently evaluate the relevance of a document.
BOI automatically saves offline copies of documents found. This allows users to retrieve all sources even if websites are taken offline. Furthermore, the highlighting function allows investigators to quickly gain an overview of the document.


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Basel Open Intelligence is free for public agencies eligable to receive development aid and reasonably priced for other organisations and companies. Please contact us for more information and a demo account.