International Centre for Collective Action

The Basel Institute's International Centre for Collective Action is an independent centre of excellence specialised in anti-corruption Collective Action and home to the B20 Collective Action Hub.

We help to develop and facilitate Collective Action initiatives that bring together businesses and other stakeholders in a variety of industries worldwide.

Collective Action is an innovative approach to tackle corruption, raise standards of business integrity and level the playing field between competitors. It involves collaboration and sustained cooperation between stakeholders in the private and public sectors, civil society and international organisations. Because working together, we can overcome corruption challenges more effectively than working alone.

Are you looking for information on how Collective Action can help combat corruption and bribery? Our B20 Collective Action Hub offers a range of anti-corruption publications and tools, plus a database of over 100 anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives around the world.

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Gemma Aiolfi

Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action
+41 61 205 56 74

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