Upcoming events

26. Oct 2016 to 27. Oct 2016

Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance / Collective Action, will give a speech on "The Company’s Role in Preventing and Combating Corruption" during the event "New ISO 37001 certification on the “Anti-Corruption System”: benefits and prospects for Italian companies" at Bonelli Erede in Milan and Rome.

02. Nov 2016
Hörsaal 102 / Kollegienhaus Universität Basel Petersplatz 1, 4051 Basel

Die Schweiz engagiert sich im Rahmen der Ostzusammenarbeit seit 15 Jahren in der Ukraine, einem der grössten, aber auch ärmsten Länder Europas. Seit dem Ausbruch des Krim-Konflikts mit Russland im Jahr 2014 befindet sich das Land in einer tiefgreifenden Krise. Die Folgen sind Tausende von Toten und anderthalb Millionen Vertriebene, massive Zerstörung von Infrastruktur im industrialisierten Osten, eine kritische humanitäre Situation sowie eine Wirtschaftsdepression mit schwerwiegenden sozialen Folgen.

Upcoming events by partner institutions

Currently no events planned.

Past events

20. Oct 2016 to 21. Oct 2016
Basel, Switzerland

The International Centre for Collective Action (ICCA) at the Basel Institute on Governance will hold a conference on “Collective Action: Evidence, Experience and Impact” on 20 - 21 October 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. Further information including registration details, conference agenda and logistical information will be provided shortly on the main conference web page within the B20 Collective Action Hub.

11. Oct 2016
Ilia State University (ISU), Georgia

On October 11, at 18:30, at Book house “Ligamus” of Ilia State University (ISU), Dr. Claudia Baez-Camargo will deliver a public lecture on the topic of “Informal Governance and Corruption: Comparative Insights from Seven Cases".

28. Apr 2016 to 29. Apr 2016
Basel, Switzerland

The Basel Institute on Governance, RISE Project, and the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) are hosting a training workshop on Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery – “Follow the money”. The workshop, targeting participants from public sector law enforcement and investigative non-state actors within Switzerland, will be held in Basel, Switzerland, on 28-29 April 2016.

21. Mar 2016 to 23. Mar 2016
GCSP, Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D, CH-1211 Geneva 1

The Basel Institute/GCSP course on Leadership in Anti-Corruption (21-23 March 2016, Geneva) aims to equip participants with an understanding of the particular requirements for leadership when it comes to the effective implementation of anti-corruption policies/reforms.

27. Oct 2015 to 28. Oct 2015
Merchant Taylors’ Hall, City of London

This two-day programme provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest international & domestic AML/CTF developments, compare and benchmark, discuss fresh approaches to new and on-going issues with peers from UK, Europe and further afield.

20. Apr 2015 to 22. Apr 2015
University of Basel, Law Faculty, Switzerland

Further details on the programme and registration requirements you can find in the workshop's brochure. General inquiries can be addressed via email to claudia.baez-camargo(at)

16. Oct 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) will hold their 5th National Conference on Collective Action against Corruption on 16 October 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, with Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action, taking part in a panel discussion entitled "Public-Private Collaboration: the New Ideas and Experiences."

26. Jun 2014 to 27. Jun 2014
Basel, Switzerland

This event featured successful examples of Collective Action, lessons learned, practical advice, and academic contributions as well as peer discussion, and brought together over 100 representatives from business, government, academia, and civil society.

21. Jun 2013
Juristische Fakultät Basel, Peter Merian-Weg 8, Basel

Dr Vinay Bhargava, Chief Technical Advisor, Partnership for Transparency Fund

11. Jan 2013 to 12. Jan 2013
Bremen, Germany

The conference (conducted in German, on “Transnationale Korruptionsbekämpfung – bricht das Strafrecht mit seinen Prinzipien?”) brought together public and private sector representatives as well as academics to discuss and determine the limits of the State, in particular of criminal law, in combatting corruption, - an agenda which is increasingly driven and defined by the private sector, where sound compliance has a direct impact on the risk of corporate criminal liability.