28. May 2020

50% off Basel Open Intelligence for SMEs – a boon for busy compliance officers

BOI screen banner

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can now benefit from half-price packages for our supercharged open-source search tool, Basel Open Intelligence.

Covid-19 lockdowns haven’t stopped crime and corruption, but they make it harder for compliance officers to do their jobs. This is especially true for SMEs, where corruption risks remain high but resources for compliance are more likely to be squeezed.

Our Basel Open Intelligence (BOI) tool can help with that. BOI is an essential tool for compliance officers, accountants and lawyers conducting third-party due diligence, risk assessments, employee screening, KYC and other compliance functions. 

How it works

With one click, BOI enables users to conduct open-source searches for adverse media reports on other companies and individuals – in multiple languages. It also mines databases for information on politically exposed persons and financial crimes. Users can then analyse any potential links between individuals, companies and criminal activities and download a customised PDF report. 

The algorithm behind the tool serves the needs of both the private and public sectors. In fact, it's a product of the Basel Institute's International Centre for Asset Recovery and was originally developed to support financial investigation into individuals and companies suspected of financial crimes.

Recently, we've seen great demand from the private sector too. Why? Because it's fast, flexible and convenient – so especially helpful during the current crisis. Plus, it provides crucial proof of process.

Our offer for SMEs

To qualify for the discounted rate, SMEs need to have:

  • Fewer than 250 employees, and 
  • An annual turnover of less than USD 54 million.

Our flexible, cost-effective packages include unlimited user accounts. As well as SMEs, public-sector and non-profit organisations benefit from a 50% discount on the standard rates. 

Find out more and sign up for an instant free demo account here.

P.S. SMEs may also be interested in receiving free guidance on anti-corruption compliance, bribery prevention and Collective Action courtesy of the British government. See details of our anti-corruption guidance services for SMEs under the UK Business Integrity Initiative.