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World Economic Forum calls on business leaders to strive for corruption-free world

The Basel Institute, as a founding Board member of the WEF's Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI), supports the announcements on new WEF led anti-corruption programmes made in Davos this week.

Code of Ethics

The Foundation Board of the the Basel Institute on Governance approves the Code of Ethics for the Institute on 20 November 2013.

Basel Institute supports launch of Risk Simulator Tool by Gestao Transparente, Lisbon December 3 2013

Passou quase um ano desde que um conjunto de oito empresas lançou no Centro Cultural de Belém, em Lisboa, o simulador online Gestão Transparente.

Conference of State Parties to UNCAC acknowledges Swiss/ICAR/StAR initiative to develop asset recovery practice guide

We welcome the support, voiced in the Nigeria-US sponsored resolution on "Facilitating international cooperation in asset recovery" adopted at the Conference of State Parties to the UNCAC in Panama on 29 November 2013, for the Lausanne process and the related initiative to develop pra...

ICAR hosts International Experts Workshop on “Returning Stolen Assets”

On 24-25 October 2013, in coordination with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the International Centre for Asset Recovery organized and hosted a two-day workshop on the topic of "Returning Stolen Assets." The workshop took place in Küsnacht (Zürich), Switzerland.

IGC completes its mandate by the end of 2013

After two years as the external supporting and supervisory body of FIFA’s governance reform, the Independent Governance Committee (IGC) chaired by Prof. Mark Pieth will step down from its position by the end of 2013.

Basel Institute on Governance publishes the 2013 Edition of the Basel AML Index

The 2013 edition is the second release of the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index. First published in April 2012, it continues to be the only rating of country money laundering/terrorist financing risk by an independent non-profit institution.

FIFA Reform: Address by the Chairman of the Independent Governance Committee

On behalf of the Independent Governance Committee (IGC) and its members I would like to thank you for this opportunity to present our findings. Allow me first, though, to congratulate you to the decision to engage in this major reform process.

IGC in line with European Parliament on reform of FIFA

The Chairman of the Independent Governance Committee (IGC) welcomes the Recommendations by the European Parliamentary Assembly on the reform of Sports Governing Bodies. The IGC considers the Recommendations a helpful support of the ongoing governance reform of FIFA.

SNB Bank Council approves new regulations on own-account transactions by management

The Bank Council of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) approved new regulations on private financial investments and financial transactions by members of SNB management, which will come into effect on 1 May 2012.

Media Release: First Report of IGC to FIFA`s Executive Committee

Today, Friday March 30, 2012, the Independent Governance Committee (IGC) presented its first report to the Executive Committee of FIFA. The IGC has been overseeing FIFA`s reform process since its constitution in December 2011.

We mourn the death of Dr. Jan Christoph Richter

We mourn the death of Dr. Jan Christoph Richter (13. 9. 1975 - 31.1.2012)