01. March 2015

Basel Institute joins Adam Smith International in five-year anti-corruption project in Uganda

The Basel Institute is partnering with Adams Smith International (ASI), Integrity Action and other expert organisations to implement a five-year multi-component anti-corruption project in Uganda ("Strengthening Uganda's Anti-Corruption and Accountability Regime Anti-Corruption Chain”) funded by the UK Department for International Development.

The Basel Institute’s primary role will focus on providing technical support and legal advice to Uganda’s local anti-corruption authorities on matters related to asset recovery.

ICAR AML/CFT experts will furthermore assist the local authorities in establishing and operationalizing an effective financial intelligence institution.

The project is supported by political economy analyses implemented by the Basel Institute's Governance team with a view to understanding and continually monitoring local dynamics that can affect the outcome of the project, which is scheduled to commence in April/May 2015.