01. September 2018

Capacity building and technical assistance for better Public Finance Management in Peru

Basel Institute Peru country office

Our Peru office, established in 2016, is working intensively with local authorities at central and subnational level to strengthen Public Financial Management and increase transparency and integrity in the public administration. Building capacity is an important part of this effort, with several recent highlights focused on improving training courses and resources for stakeholders.

Thanks to insights drawn from creating Risk Management Plans for subnational governments involved in the programme, we have recently published a guide to Risk management for the prevention of corruption in Peru (in Spanish). The Office of the Comptroller General has expressed an interest in using it to develop new internal standards.

We are also implementing the Code of Conduct and risk assessments in the Office of the Comptroller General and will help the develop an integrity plan for it that is likely to be replicated in its subnational, countrywide, decentralised units.

Working with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Office of the Comptroller General, we have also released instructional videos on using the Infobras and Consulta Amigable digital tools.

Along with capacity-building and asset recovery training courses in Lima, Chiclayo and Trujillo, we have enjoyed initial success with our training programme for judges and prosecutors on a new Peruvian law on Non Conviction Based Confiscation as a quicker, more effective way to deprive criminals of their illicit gains. 

Development of e-learning courses on "Online tools to monitor the use of public resources" and "Open government" is underway. With these training initiatives, we hope to add to the success of the Diploma in Management and Public Finance. 246 students across Peru have so far completed the one-year diploma, which is led by project partner Universidad ESAN.

Due to the incoming regional and local elections in Peru, and the subsequent change of all regional and local authorities by January 2019, the programme will train the candidates of all the subnational offices that it is currently working with in order to transfer the knowledge and capacities it has built to improve Public Finance Management.

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