17. December 2018

International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators: Leading the way in financial crime litigation practices and research

IAFCL meeting in New York

The Basel Institute on Governance is delighted to host the International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators

The Academy was created this year by Stéphane Bonifassi of Bonifassi Avocats (Paris), Lincoln Caylor of Bennett Jones (Toronto) and Elizabeth Ortega of ECO Strategic Communications (Miami).

The Academy unites the world’s top academic and litigation professionals to form an independent centre of excellence. Through collaboration and innovation, they seek to sharpen litigation skills and share research, experience and global best practices in cases of asset recovery and white-collar crime.

“We are delighted to host the Academy. Litigators are important partners to the Basel Institute’s asset recovery practice. We need experienced lawyers who can represent our partner countries in foreign courts, for example, in actions taken against financial intermediaries,” says Gretta Fenner, Managing Director of the Basel Institute on Governance.

Mark Pieth, President of the Basel Institute and Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Basel, explains: “The Academy gives important impetus to advancing the practice of financial crime litigation. Our legal practice in this field needs to constantly adapt and be creative. By bringing together members from the highest levels of the profession, we are able to explore legal boundaries and high-stakes issues around asset recovery and financial crime.”

Members are handpicked for their extensive experience in financial crime litigation or research around corruption and other economic crimes. They have already met twice this year, in May for the inaugural meeting in Basel and in November in New York. 

News, research and opinion articles from the leading voices in financial crime litigation will appear on The Academy’s website, www.financialcrimelitigators.org.