12. May 2019

New specialised courts for non-conviction-based forfeiture in Peru

María Elizabeth Olaya Escobar Piura

The High Court of Piura in northwestern Peru has announced it will set up a specialised courts for cases of non-conviction-based forfeiture.

We are delighted that a judge trained by the Basel Institute's International Centre for Asset Recovery and the Subnational PFM Programme, Dr. María Elizabeth Olaya Escobar, has been appointed to the new Piura court. 

Non-conviction-based forfeiture, or confiscation, is a legal mechanism that deprives criminals of the ownership of property or assets acquired as a result of their illicit activities. States can file legal actions for the return of property derived from a crime that is concealed in other jurisdictions. 

The Peruvian Judicial Branch is currently rolling out a national programme to create 21 courts and 3 specialised chambers with the competence to process cases of non-conviction-based forfeiture under Legislative Decree N°1373.

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