01. April 2017

Peru: Strengthening anti-corruption capabilities of local governments

Experts from the Public Governance Division visited Peru in early March in support of the Basel Institute’s SECO-funded programme “Programa GFP Subnacional”. By working with Peruvian regional and municipal governments to strengthen public finance management processes, this programme contributes to improve the quality of public services and promotes the ability of local government actors to prevent, detect and investigate acts of corruption. 

Promoting accountability, especially involving citizens and civil society groups, is necessary, not only to strengthen anti-corruption capabilities from the bottom-up but also to promote the sustainability of the improved mechanisms for public finance management. On the basis of expertise on social accountability strategies, the Basel-based experts in collaboration with the Peru team are planning capacity building activities for citizens and organised civil society groups that aimed improving the performance of those citizen participatory processes that are already mandated by Peruvian law at the local government level.  

The presentations (in Spanish) delivered at a workshop on “Integrity in Modern Public Management” can be found here.