29. March 2019

Seeking effective mechanisms to fight corruption and money laundering – a packed seminar in La Libertad

Anti-corruption seminar in Trujillo

The Public Ministry of the Peruvian region of La Libertad organised a seminar on “seeking effective mechanisms in the fight against corruption and money laundering” last week. Supported by the Subnational PFM Programme of the Swiss SECO Cooperation and the Basel Institute’s International Centre for Asset Recovery, the event was attended by more than 300 participants.

The participants came together to seek ways to strengthen the capacities of members of the judiciary in region of La Libertad to prosecute crimes of corruption and money laundering involving public officials. 

Ultimately, this is crucial in dissuading public officials from committing these crimes and impacting positively on the development of better practices for public financial management. In addition, of course, it will help the Peruvian State to recover stolen assets and return these to the public treasury.