Guidelines for the efficient recovery of stolen assets

These practical guidelines are a set of international good practices intended to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of requesting and requested states in the asset recovery process.

Asset recovery is an intricate and time-consuming process. The guidelines unravel the asset recovery process, breaking it down into practical, manageable guidelines, allowing a targeted audience to focus on the asset recovery process in a comprehensive manner.

The guidelines are accompanied by a non-binding step-by-step approach with the aim of assisting practitioners, policymakers and legislators to better plan each step of the process. Together, they form an interactive checklist of elements to consider when establishing an asset recovery policy or when devising an investigation strategy.

The Guidelines for the Efficient Recovery of Stolen Assets have been developed in the context of the Lausanne Seminars, in which the Government of Switzerland has been working in close cooperation with the  International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) of the Basel Institute on Governance and with the support of the World Bank/UNODC Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR). The aim of the Lausanne Seminars is to discuss actual asset recovery challenges and ways to overcome them.

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