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Title Authors Publication year
Working Paper 27: Anti-Corruption Collective Action: Success factors, sustainability and strategies Basel Institute on Governance 2018
Working Paper 26: The Ambivalence of Social Networks and their Role in Spurring and Potential for Curbing Petty Corruption Comparative Insights from East Africa Cosimo Stahl, Saba Kassa 2018
Working Paper No 25: High Level Reporting Mechanisms A comparative analysis Argentina, Colombia, Ukraine, Panama and Peru Valeria Silva, Gemma Aiolfi 2018
Working Paper No 12 re-issued: Basel Art Trade Guidelines: An intermediary report of a self-regulation initiative Thomas Christ, Claudia von Selle 2018
Working Paper No 24: It takes two to tango. Decision-making processes on asset return Claudia Baez-Camargo, Gretta Fenner, Saba Kassa 2017
Working Paper No 23: New perspectives in e-government and the prevention of corruption Basel Institute on Governance 2017
Working Paper No 22: Hidden agendas, social norms and why we need to re-think anti-corruption Dr Claudia Baez Camargo, Nikos Passas 2017
Working Paper No 21: Globale Finanzflüsse und nachhaltige Entwicklung Kathrin Betz, Mark Pieth 2016
Working Paper No 20: Corruption and Human Rights (incl. Spanish translation) Prof. Dr. Anne Peters 2015
Working Paper No 19: High Level Reporting Mechanisms in Colombia and Ukraine Frédéric Wehrle 2015
Working paper No 18: Communities against corruption: Assessment framework and methodological toolkit Dr Claudia Baez Camargo 2015
Working Paper No 17: The Role of Donors in the Recovery of Stolen Assets Gretta Fenner, Pedro Gomes Pereira, Francesco De Simone 2014
Working Paper No 16: Social Accountability and its Conceptual Challenges: An Analytical Framework Claudia Baez Camargo, Eelco Jacobs 2013
Working Paper No 15: Tracking and Tracing Stolen Assets in Foreign Jurisdictions Charles Monteith, Andrew Dornbierer 2013
Working Paper No 14: Using Money Laundering Investigations to Fight Corruption in Developing Countries: Domestic Obstacles and Strategies to Overcome them Pedro Gomes Pereira, Alessandra Fontana 2012
Working paper No 13: Collective Action and Corruption Mark Pieth 2012
Working Paper No 12: Basel Art Trade Guidelines: An intermediary report of a self-regulation initiative Thomas Christ, Claudia von Selle 2012
Working Paper No 11: Governance of Health Systems Claudia Baez-Camargo, Eelco Jacobs 2011
Working Paper No 10: Accountability for Better Healthcare Provision Claudia Baez-Camargo 2011
Working Paper No 09: The Situation of Financial Intelligence Units in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union Kilian Strauss 2011
Working Paper No 08: The Recovery of Stolen Assets: Seeking to Balance Fundamental Human Rights at Stake Kodjo Attisso 2010
Working Paper No 07: The Political Economy of Asset Recovery Processes Ivan Pavletic 2009
Working Paper No 06: Managing Proceeds of Asset Recovery Ignasio Jimu 2009
Working Paper No 05: Poverty and Corruption: About Poorer and Richer Ways of Life Lucy Koechlin 2008
Working Paper No 04: An Evaluation of National Integrity Systems from a Human Rights Perspective Lucy Koechlin 2007
Working Paper No 03: Verhaltensregeln für die Verwaltung von Vorsorgeeinrichtungen Mark Pieth, Lukas Handschin, Hans-Peter Bauer, Andreas Müller, Gretta Fenner 2007
Working Paper No 02: Multistakeholder Initiatives to Combat Money Laundering and Bribery Mark Pieth 2006
Working Paper No 01: Anti-Money Laundering: Levelling the Playing Field Mark Pieth, Gemma Aiolfi 2003