This briefing paper from the World Economic Forum Meta-Council on the Illicit Economy is a call to action for private and public sectors to pay attention to the growing impact of illicit economy.

The Meta-Council sheds light into some areas of the illicit economy – human trafficking, counterfeit goods, illegal mining and metals and illicit financial flows – and highlights key recommendations and solutions to be taken to combat the impact of these illicit activities.

This report is a first-time overarching assessment of availability and suitability of International Financial Institute (IFI) Risk Mitigation instruments and has been compiled through a detailed questionnaire based feedback from more than 40 infrastructure investors with total assets under management exceeding USD 2 trillion, project developers and construction companies, global banking institutions, insurance and reinsurance companies, multilateral development banks and professional services firms.

RESIST (Resisting Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions) is designed as a training tool to provide practical guidance for company employees on how to prevent and/or respond to an inappropriate demand by a client, business partner or public authority in the most efficient and ethical way, recognizing that such a demand may be accompanied by a threat.

RESIST is intended primarily as a training tool to raise employee awareness on the risk of solicitation, including through frank discussion, and to propose practical ethical responses to dilemmas.