The project aims at encouraging the adoption of voluntary anti-corruption and compliance standards and fostering a culture of integrity in business in Bulgaria.

The initiative will target the development and promotion of high-quality sectoral integrity standards in the key sectors of Energy, Industry and Healthcare, ensure pioneers to adopt and distribute them through their supply chains, and establish a better understanding of the need for business integrity in Bulgaria.

This initiative aimed to address anti-corruption and integrity standards in Argentina’s power generation and transmission industry. The Collective Action agreement included ten principles to which members must adhere, and also featured the services of a neutral facilitator. The goals of this Collective Action agreement included respecting the following standards:

A project of the Center for Civil Communications from 2018-2021, “Integrity and anti-corruption in the business sector” is an action that will strengthen civil society’s impact on decreasing corruption in the business sector by improving transparency, accountability and integrity of state-owned enterprises and increasing the private sector’s participation in the fight against corruption.

The action is expected to provide the following results:

CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative is the leading global initiative improving transparency and accountability in public infrastructure.

CoST works with government, industry and civil society to promote the disclosure of infrastructure project data. It validates and makes this data easy to understand through an assurance process and ensures this information reaches citizens. This helps to empower citizens to demand better infrastructure and hold decision makers to account.

The central objective of the Committee is to provide a platform for public and private sector representatives to discuss potential improvements in areas such as procedures, processes, systems, and risk assessments, as well as to share the results of studies or proposals to improve trade facilitation and transparency in Customs management.