The Basel Institute’s ICAR team develops and offers a range of software tools and services in support of its other operational services, in particular to facilitate financial investigations and asset recovery processes. Our partners in this area include law enforcement and other public institutions and, increasingly, financial services organisations and the non-financial private sector. 

All tools are available free of charge to all public and not-for-profit organisations. For some services modest charges apply for "for-profit" organisations and advanced versions.

Basel AML Index

is an anti-money laundering (AML) country risk ranking. It is an independent risk assessment tool for financial institutions that have to comply with AML, counter-terrorism-financing (CTF), sanctions and anti-bribery rules.

Guide to the Role of CSOs in Asset Recovery

This guide, developed by ICAR and partners in the context of the Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR), seeks to assist interested CSOs to understand potential areas of engagement and strategic considerations regarding routes of engagement in the asset recovery process; it also highlights potential risks and challenges and how these may be mitigated, and provides case examples of CSO efforts in support of the recovery of stolen assets. It is available on a stand-alone website in English, Arabic and Ukrainian.

Basel Open Intelligence (BOI)

Basel Open Intelligence is a powerful search tool for identifying links between individuals, companies and criminal activities.

With a single click, it runs multilingual, open-source searches for names in combination with 270 keywords. If there is public information about a person or company’s links to financial crime, law enforcement and judicial actions, Basel Open Intelligence will help you find it.

Key features

  • Instant, automated search – no more manual online searches.
  • Pre-programmed with 270 relevant keywords in multiple languages.
  • Keywords can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Uses open-source information, avoiding confidentiality issues.
  • Clear overview of results, with highlights and excerpts for efficient analysis.

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Asset Recovery Forum

serves as a public information platform for practitioners and non-practitioners to access and share information on asset recovery and related matters. It offers the possibility to find and contact fellow practitioners from around the world, take online educational coursescreate and respond to blogs, as well as share and react to news, trends and events about asset recovery.

Asset Recovery Forum - E-learning CAMPUS

ICAR's e-learning CAMPUS offers free, web-based courses on asset tracing, intelligence gathering and financial analysis. All courses are developed for self-paced individual learning, featuring interactive exercises to learn and practice new knowledge and skills.