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International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR)

The International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) specialises in strengthening the capacities of countries in recovering stolen assets, with an emphasis on financial investigations and asset tracing techniques, mutual legal assistance and international cooperation in relation to corruption and money laundering cases.

To this end, ICAR delivers interactive, country-specific on-site training programmes conceptualised and devised to enhance the skills and competencies of investigators and prosecutors to analyse, investigate and prosecute complex corruption, financial crime and money laundering cases.

ICAR further assists countries by facilitating mutual legal assistance and providing advice to concerned law enforcement authorities in handling specific asset recovery cases. The demand for such assistance has recently increased in light of the regime changes of the Arab Spring where new democratic establishments are seeking to engage on an international level to trace and repatriate stolen public assets stashed away in countries abroad. ICARís experts are also available to review legislation and institutional capacity of countries in relation to asset recovery, and to accompany related reform processes.

Finally, ICAR develops specialised IT tools and products which facilitate the management and implementation of asset recovery processes. This includes software tools designed to facilitate investigations using publicly available information or to document and illustrate complex cases and flows of money. ICARís IT team also develops e-learning modules on aspects of financial investigation and asset recovery, and advises law enforcement agencies on their IT needs and capacities.

ICAR receives core funding from Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as project related funding from a range of bilateral donors, international organisations and partner countries.

New Website
The Basel Institute has created a new information platform focusing on the role of civil society organisations in recovering stolen assets. Initially developed in the context of the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery, the interactive guide is applicable to all CSOs interested in playing a more active role in asset recovery, through advocacy, awareness raising, investigations and in the return of assets. MoreÖ.

ICAR Business Plan 2014 - 2016