Collective Action initiatives

This open database is designed to help companies, anti-corruption practitioners and researchers find information on anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives around the world. If you would like to suggest an initiative for inclusion, please contact Vanessa Hans. Please follow our Twitter account for notifications whenever new resources are added.

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Title Sort ascending Country Sector Year
The Hanoi Principles: For Voluntary Codes of Business Ethics in the Construction and Engineering Sector International Construction, Engineering 2011
The Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business Russia Cross Sector 2012
The 6 P's: Public-Private Partnership for Probity in Public Procurement Austria, India, Mexico Cross Sector 2010
Thai Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption Thailand Cross Sector 2010
Texbook Procurement Integrity Pact Argentina Education 2003
Telecommunications Auctions Integrity Pacts Ecuador Communications 2002
Tax Transparency and Corruption International Cross Sector 2019
Tax and Good Governance Project International Cross Sector 2015
Sybaris Archeological Site Integrity Pact Italy Media and culture 2017
Sustainable Procurement - Protecting the Green Sector Market from Corruption and Fraud Italy Cross Sector 2010
Struma Motorway: Lot 3.1 - Zheleznitza Tunnel Integrity Pact Bulgaria Infrastructure, Transport 2015
Struma Motorway Section: Lot 2 Integrity Pact Bulgaria Infrastructure, Transport 2012
Strengthening the private sector capacity to prevent corruption and enhance integrity in the Arab Countries Egypt, Iraq, Libya, UAE Cross Sector 2019
Strengthening the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Efforts of the Private Sector in Myanmar Myanmar Cross Sector 2020
Strengthening Business Membership Organizations for Fighting Corruption China, Germany Cross Sector 2010
Strengthen compliance capacity building of all market participants in China China Cross Sector 2015
Social Witness / Integrity Pact in Government Procurement - The Mexican Experience Mexico Cross Sector 2010
Social Witness (Testigo Social) Integrity Pacts in Mexico – Country Overview Mexico Cross Sector 2000
SME Policy Advocacy in Russia Russia Cross Sector 2002
SME Development Program Integrity Pact Paraguay Professional services 2005